Origins of the Penton Family

The Pentons of Winchester, Hampshire and Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire and Their North American Descendants

This historical-genealogical account is a work in progress, and therefore will no doubt be upgraded and the inevitable mistakes in it that come to light will be corrected. In addition, I must point out that I have not as yet done the necessary research to include the descendants of Henry Penton, Esq. (1737-1812), the founder of Pentonville, in both England and North America despite the fact that branch of the family may rightly be regarded as the central one. Rather, I will shortly begin to present a history of the North American descendants of the Rev. John Penton, the younger brother of the above-mentioned Henry Penton, Esq., because it is from him that my own branch of the Penton family is descended. However, when that material is posted, I fully intend to add an account of the Pentons of Pentonville, the descendants of Henry Penton, Esq. and his second wife, Catherine Judd Penton.

In gathering material for this account, as posted below, I have been somewhat hindered by the fact that I have not been able to spend more time in England to examine sources. And now, at eighty-three years of age, it is difficult for me to go there again to examine more materials that are simply not available either in print or are not on the Internet. Nonetheless, I have been helped greatly by the careful genealogical studies of my cousin, the late Patricia Penton Leimbach whose research on the English Pentons complemented my own. In addition, the article by Elizabeth Wood and Graham Penton, The Pentons of Winchester (Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society, 1991) was of great assistance.


M James Penton, PhD

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